Traders Korea

We provide the best digital forwarding service by automating the import and export process of logistics.

  • Traders Korea

Traders Korea is
a digital forwarding service.

Traders Korea

Traders Korea automates and systematizes the import and export process of logistics.

  • Ship Booking

    Provides simple ship booking service through web link

  • Cargo transportation

    Customs clearance tracking

    Transportation and customs clearance status can be checked at any time,
    automatic tracking of cargo transport

  • Transportation history
    and Document lookup

    Search past booking information and documents,
    Transportation history inquiry

Ship Booking

Easy ship booking

You can select options available for booking on the web, and receive automatic booking confirmation notifications.


Freight Forwarding Customs Clearance Tracking

It automatically tracks all sections of cargo transportation and provides notifications when major events occur. You can check transportation and customs clearance status via the web at any time when necessary.


Transportation history / Document inquiry

You can check past booking information at any time and view documents and transportation history provided by the shipper.