We, Eco Marine Co., Ltd., provide domestic users requiring assistance with the usage of MarineTraffic services,
offering support for sign-up, payment, and technical assistance.

  • MarineTraffic

Eco Marine is a
partner of MarineTraffic.

You can receive technical support
when you sign up through EcoMarine.

  • Online

    For Online Service users, we provide email and text notification services for events.

  • API

    If you have the system in place,
    we offer text-based data services through an API.

  • Industry

    Choose services such as VFC, VFBC, and FleetOps based on user objectives.

Eco Marine is the official reseller of MarineTraffic in Korea.


Types of online service products.

Online Service users can receive email and text notification services for events. Events include route icing prediction, detection of severe weather conditions affecting operations, AIS signal loss, operational status changes, sudden stops during navigation, and more.

Online Service Annual Fee. Satellite Ship Tracking Voyage Playback.
Professional USD 708 1척 30일
Professional Plus USD 1428 10척 365일
Global Satellite USD 3588 무제한 365일

Events in the Online Service can be selectively utilized by users.


If you have a map-based system:

If your company possesses an in-house map-based monitoring system or if you have an IT department, you can receive text-based data services through an API.

Category Type Service Description
Location Information Past Location Retrieval PS-01 Vessel Historical Track Retrieval of Voyage Records for a Designated Period
Real-time Location Retrieval Selected Vessel PS-02 Vessel Positions of a Static Fleet Retrieval of Fixed Fleet Information
PS-03 Vessel Positions
of a Dynamic Fleet
Retrieval of Dynamic Fleet Information
PS-07 Single Vessel Positions Single Vessel Retrieval
Designated Area PS-04 Vessel Positions within a Port Vessel Position Retrieval within Designated Port
PS-05 Vessel Positions in
a Predefined Bounding Box
Retrieval of Vessels within Fixed Designated Area
PS-06 Vessel Positions in
a Dynamic Bounding Box
Retrieval of Vessels within Dynamic Designated Area V
PS-08 Vessel Positions in a Custom Area essel Retrieval within Custom Area
Event Information EV-01 Port Call Arrival and Departure Data for Specific Vessels or Ports
EV-02 Vessel Events Midnight/Noon Reports, Changes in Navigational Status, etc.
EV-03 Berth Calls Vessel Approach/Departure Data for Specific Vessels or Berths/Terminals
Navigation Information VI-01 Voyage Forecasts Estimated Arrival Time and Predicted Route
VI-02 Expected Arrivals List of Arriving Ships at Ports and Countries within Specified Period
VI-03 Port Distances and Routes Distance and Route Data between Designated Locations and Ports
VI-04 Predictive Destinations Predicted Next Port of Call with High Probability (during active voyage, post-current destination)
VI-05 Predictive Arrivals Predicted Vessels Approaching Designated Ports or Areas
VI-06 Port Congestion Wait Time Data based on Port and Anchor Congestion
VI-07 ETA to Port Confirmation of Travel Time and Distance to Designated Ports


Industry-Centric Services

You can choose VFC, VFBC, and Fleet Ops services according to your company's objectives.

  • VFC
    Visibility for

    Logistics-centered features are specialized, allowing for vessel tracking through B/L (Bill of Lading).

  • VFBC
    Visibility for
    Bulk Cargo

    Accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) provided based on navigation and port congestion.

  • Fleet Ops

    Providing services applicable for CII calculation and ship operation maintenance.

    We offer a trial period of 7 days or more.